AMACOM Artwork: Book Jackets and Author Photos

Below you can find directories of AMACOM book covers and author photos. To ensure a successful download, right click on the link to the image you want, select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As,” and download to your computer. Directly saving from an open image in the Web browser can result in a corrupted image.

Book Jackets
A variety of book jackets are available in JPEG and TIFF formats. All of the files are named by Book Title. Please note that if you select files that are in TIFF file format you will need imaging software such as Photoshop or QuarkXPress to view the files.

We have available:

Author Photos
JPEG and TIFF files are available for many, but not all, AMACOM authors. Files are listed alphabetically by author’s last name. Please search for the author you wish to highlight. If the author is not listed, we’re sorry, but it means we do not have a photo for that author.

AMACOM Authors—Files Listed by Author’s Last Name