AMACOM Books Editorial Contacts

Submitting a Proposal

After you‘ve checked out our requirements for Book Proposals, based on the topic of your book you can contact one of the following editors.

Editors & Subject Areas

Ellen Kadin
Executive Editor
Specialty: Marketing, Career, Communication Skills and other Personal Development topics
ekadin [at] amanet [dot] org

Timothy H. Burgard
Senior Editor
Specialty: Sales, Finance, Customer Service, Project Management, Supply Chain
tburgard [at] amanet [dot] org

Book proposals on General Business, Management, Leadership, Human Resources, Training, Education, Parenting, Popular Psychology, Science & Technology, or Health & Fitness topics may be submitted to any editor.

If sending hard copy, address c/o the appropriate editor to:
1601 Broadway
New York, NY 10019-7420

Contacting an Author

If you would like to contact an AMACOM author for editorial or other reasons, please contact Janet Pagano at jpagano [at] amanet [dot] org.

President and Publisher
Nancy Roberson
nroberson [at] amanet [dot] org